Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nasty old hag

Do most people mellow as they get older? Cuz I'm just getting meaner and grumpier. SO many things are annoying me these days--the horrible din of gravel trucks rolling past my front door, the relentless blackflies that have caused the back of my neck to resemble a flame-red moon crater, and the noise that the air makes as it travels along the hairs inside Duane's nostrils as he inhales. Oh, I'm currently a nasty piece of work, I am. And yet...

There are moments when I realize that that life is SO damn short, I better stop and look around and savour each day, cuz they are flying by and there are so many reasons to celebrate my ability to get vertical each morning.

So I guess it all balances out. I get increasingly grouchier and then I slap myself upside the head, go for a walk, and stare at woodpecker holes for a couple of hours.

And then, of course, there's my ART. What a wonderful outlet it's been over the years, managing to keep me from being the serial killer that would NO doubt otherwise have been my chosen profession. It's hard to stay grumpy after creating an image of The Geezer's nose hairs, ya know?

Yep, I'm a lucky woman indeed. And as long as the majority of my brain cells hang on for a few more years, I'll try to control any homicidal impulses that pop up. Or, at the very least, paint them away.....